The 2019 Artist Series at TBMS

All concerts held in the Performance Hall at TBMS

Thursday, October 17, 7-8pm

Alison Davy, voice; Javier Oviedo, saxophone; Gene Rohrer, piano

In the benign sense of the word riot (the garden is a riot of color). Davy, Oviedo, and Rohrer will present a range of music stretching from the Baroque to the Contemporary in all the combinations possible among the three of them.

Thursday, November 21, 7-8pm

Jia-Yi He, harmonica

America’s Got Talent contestant and cherished TBMS faculty member Jia-Yi He presents a set of famous pieces with unique arrangements for harmonica and woodwind quintet. This performance will also feature the premiere of a brand new composition!

Thursday, December 19, 7-8pm

Nathan Bellott, saxophone; Sy Johnson, piano; Lorna Jane Norris, voice; Simon Willson, bass

In Bellott’s own words, “I'd like to present an evening celebrating one of TBMS' very own treasures, pianist Sy Johnson. Sy teaches the Great American Songbook class at TBMS and I have developed a nice relationship with him over the years. Recently Sy turned 89 years old and I think it would be very fitting to celebrate him next season at TBMS. We would play trio (saxophone, piano, bass) and play songs of Sy's choosing. His career has spanned over 65 years and has worked with a "who's who" of jazz. They will also play a selection of classic holiday music.”